Sunday, June 7, 2009

who says elephant can't dance-louis v gerstner

impossible says even i m possible,an antediluvian quotation,used by leaders in their pep up talks,by cms students mindlessly scribbling it on the top of their notebook without giving it even a moment of thought discarding it off as just another philosophical, ideal stuff without a slightest bit of practicality.this book is work of legendary CEO of IBM whose work is the epitome of the quote where you can really see it in action ,proving its relevance in modern world and that it's not just another ideal saying of a of the most hard fought battle in modern world had been the ibm turnaround of 1993 and the knight who led it is no othr than the very writer of the book.the then CEO of ibm Louis V. Gerstner,who made possible the thing which even economic times had declared impossible.he showed true leadership,determination and whatever it takes make it again a no. 1 company of computers.
during 1993 onwards rapid development in computer technology like speedier and high capabilities PC,open source systems like UNIX,assembled parts and client server model made life miserable for ibm which for past 40 years relid heavily on it's mainframe system/360.sales declined heavily and exasperated with the situation company saw the exodus of many senior executives and board members .all the major business magazines declared that ibm has ceased to exist as the symbol of amarica's strength and culture.
louis v gerstner at that time was persuaded by to become the CEO of the company
and what followed is just history.although several pathbreaking , nerve wrenching decisions were taken i would like to point to what had been done for the paradigm shift in company's culture ,as gerstner once said 'culture is not part of the game but the game itself'.he took many initiatives to correct the lethargic attitude of employees due to working in a non competitive environment for almost 30 years.
now as recession is on the streak of devouring big companies no one is showing the leadership and will to take countermeasures and fight it.even the company like GM which stood tall during great dippression,two world wars,terrorist attacks meekly surrendered to it.its hard to see the companies which we have admired and wished to join for all of our engineering years are coming down like a pack of cards.well good for mba colleges as it is giving them huge amount of case studies for what not to do to make your company live