Saturday, February 21, 2009

Modern times(1936)

Little tramp is back with more comedy and satire and it's amazing how really he makes you laugh while making fun of your own condition and situation.this movie is more relevant in modern times(present scenario) than ever,as the movie was made during the great depression depicting the severe problems like large scale unemployment,poverty, harassment of workers and collapse of capitalism in a very comical manner. This charlie's masterpiece is not only about his famous character little tramp doing all sorts of funny things to get a job and to win his girl,but it's also a stingy satire on the human greed which leads these multinational corporations to hog more of the wealth by fair or unfair means and when it collapses it leads to a wave of economic recession,unemployment and lawlessness.
                 The fang of the biggest economic recession after that black decade of 1930's is again sweeping the nations tearing apart means of living and the hopes of people.As i check my college's placement notice board i just think about a scene  in which chaplin sings a very beautiful song,which is one of the very few instances of sound and music in an otherwise silent movie,and the cafe boss comes to know about the real potential of  tramp and gives him the job.I just hope that some company scoops us out from this desperate modern times. 

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


I won't say anything about the band as these four legend from liverpool John lennon,Paul McCartney,George harrison and Ringo starr, don't need any introduction and also i won't comment about their music as my stature is too low to do so but i will just say few things about the song which any college student can relate to his life if he misses his school days

All my troubles seemed so far away
Now it looks as though they're here to stay
Oh, I believe
In yesterday

I'm not half the man I used to be
There's a shadow hanging over me
Oh, yesterday
Came suddenly

now i think how beautiful those school days were with really no troubles at all . just chatting with friends, sitting at the home watching television,oblivious to all the problems like recession,CGPA,placements.oh really i long for yesterday 

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Many lives many masters-Dr. brian weiss

where have we come from,where would we go ,these type of questions must have crossed your mind several a times(for even those who say they are not into these philosophical stuff).As an engineering graduate past life,spirit,soul, many lifetimes all these terms used to look kinda vague to me,but science is just a way to explain the things that are happening and it gives the explanation which our ratinal and logical thinking can digest,but many things do exist in this world which are beyond logic,experiment and rationality, even science is acknowledging this fact by recognising the presence of dark energy , matter and  string  as the most fundamental entity.In this book the writer,a staunch rational thinking supporter,has described the story of his encounter with souls and spirits of other dimensions.The story about a psychiatrist and his young patient whom he was treating for depression it's a fascinating narration of his experiences with past lives,master souls,soul groups and near death experience.Things told in this book have been written by many persons from time to time describing their own experiences .

     One thing which really is thought provoking is that author said that the master soul told him that total 7 spiritual dimensions exists in which soul resides while 4 dimensions are their in which physical body resides, if we add thse two it gives 11 dimensios .Now,a very famous scientific theory, theory of strings says that there are total of 11 dimensions in this world .This book was written based on personal experiences without taking into consideration any scientific theory.When i found this analogy while reading the book it certainly gave me chills that life-death is part of the cycle so next time if you screw up some important thing don't worry you might have done that several times before in your other lifetimes

Thursday, February 12, 2009

slumdog millionaire(2008)

biggest release of this year, movie is certainly raising the storm not only with it's award winning streak but also with the controversies due to the portrayal of the dark india(slums).I saw the movie as soon as i came back from home and for the first time i think i have seen the  movie which is notyet  another boring documentary on the slums,poverty and depravity in india.Inspite of sincere efforts by many indian directors most of their movies on these topics looks like documentary and classic which everyone appreciates but no one see.I was really amazed that how come a foreigner made such a movie on indian conditions with such craftiness and show of intricate details.


gods of thrash metal metallica is the greatest metal band ever,someone might suggest led zeppelin or black sabbath,but certainly i  like metallica above all.the energy and enthusiasm that overwhelms your body whenever you listen to 'fade to black','one' or the unforgiven series just makes you forget all about your messed up life.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

the great dictator(1940)

charlie chaplin's most precious gift to cinema,the great dictator is a masterpiece which is a satire on nazism and was made in 1940 during which  raising your voice against hitler and persecution of jews was a was banned in many of the totalitarian states due to the fear of uprising such was the power of movie.I thoroughly enjoyed the comedy by charlie chaplin and even his dialogues as this was the first talkie by speech by charlie chaplin is one of the best  in the history of movies.

"Even now my voice is reaching millions throughout the world, millions of despairing men, women, and little children, victims of a system that makes men torture and imprison innocent people. To those who can hear me, I say "Do not despair." The misery that is now upon us is but the passing of greed, the bitterness of men who fear the way of human progress. The hate of men will pass, and dictators die, and the power they took from the people will return to the people. And so long as men die, liberty will never perish.

Soldiers! Don't give yourselves to brutes, men who despise you and enslave you; who regiment your lives, tell you what to do, what to think and what to feel! Who drill you, diet you, treat you like cattle, use you as cannon fodder! Don't give yourselves to these unnatural men---machine men with machine minds and machine hearts! You are not machines! You are not cattle! You are men! You have a love of humanity in your hearts! You don't hate! Only the unloved hate; the unloved and the unnatural"

india unbound

well i'll start my bloggers journey by saluting the greatness of our country and describing about the book  which really gives you many reasons to feel proud about your country.Written by Gurcharan das it describes the economy of india from 19th century to present and the greats like G.D.Birla and J.R.D Tata.It's a must read for every indian