Saturday, May 30, 2009

American History X(1998)

no two human beings are equal but i wonder whether playing on those differences is a superiority or the inferiority complex.American history x presents one of the most powerful statement on the issues like racism.several classics of sidney poitier and morgan freeman deals with the issue but no movie faces it so squarly as this one (to kill a mocking bird is one of the best on the subject but treatment is completely different).In one of the legendary roles of his career edward norton plays a nazi skinhead who hates niggers and kills one just for a petty crime but in the penitentiary he realises the futility of his actions as he is deceived and harrassed by his own people while helped by a nigger, as the tagline of the movie rightly says 'His father taught him to hate. His friends taught him rage. His enemies gave him hope' .after 3 years he sees his young brother walking the same path of rage and so he makes him understand that this path of rage ,path of division is the path of destruction and that's what happens in the end which leaves the audience in a state of shock.
though an ugly movie(only appearances)with skinheads,niggers and hippies it's beauty resides in it's relevance to almost all the modern societies and more so in india .the latest acts of violence and discrimination in maharstra shows as we are getting richer our mentality is becoming meaner.but it's not that adults suddenly start hating each other it creeps into our head in our college years only and i hate to admit that almost all the national colleges with students from all over india have become the temple of racism.As in my college we can see north-south divide almost in every aspect of extra curricular activities ranging from president's election to the selection of grubs and t-shirts.but most shocking of all is that u can even find students supporting or having sympathy for people like raj thackrey. as i said almost all the societies are getting affected by this growing monster even advanced societies like america and australia(this article is the result of the rage due to the recent attacks on indian students in australia).
but the issue is as i said earlier whether it's the superiority of our complexion or the inferiority of our capabilities that inculcates this htred and loathing for others.yes it's not the color of the skin but our insecurity in preserving our culture and means of living to someone who might be superior is that which incites us to do such horrendous crimes.racism is the birthchild of failure of communictions and proper adjustments between cultures.In america white people feared hard working and godfearing blacks and now indians .In colleges ,southy thinks northys are all rowdys while northy thinks of them as a haughty creatures and thats the same reason even in the reginal colleges like UPTU students from noida discriminate students from gorakhpur so it all the recent years americans ,scots,australians have grown fearful of the capabilities of indian students but there is the proper need to explain them that they are there to assist them not to usurp their position

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  1. nice critical views... no doubt your emotional quotient is improving.. :) .. a nice, hot and weighty view 4m a cool dude.. hope whoever reads it will give it sum serious thought and not read dis just as "another blog"...