Tuesday, July 21, 2009

fall to rise

Am i dead
no god,no satan it's just emptiness
as i lay bare under the night
a constant hum in the ear
burnt gunpowder on palate
a sight of frenzy
blurred by dripping blood
oh,so this is the afterworld
carved by reaper's scythe

someone breaks my tranquility
and only now i realise
dutchman awaits them
their life depends on me
shirking off my plight
'for men,for home and for country'
i rise.

my first poem dedicated to captain aubrey of HMS Surprise ,my favourite movie character from 'master and commander:far side of the world'.


  1. areee bhokaal launde....kya baat hai...
    tere ander bhi ek lekhak hai mujhe pata nhi tha....
    sahi be....tr8 banti hai teri ab...tere ander 1 lekhak ne janam liya hai :P :D\


  2. sale teri shaeri ki treat mangne laga to lut jayega.door door tak mashhoor ho gaya hai apne shaerana andaz ke liye

  3. awesome movie...watched it recently..russel crowe is one of the finest hollywood stars..oye yeh tune khud se likha hai kya?

  4. abe movie mast hai na haan be blog pe kyon chepunga.russel crowe is a born leader