Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Many lives many masters-Dr. brian weiss

where have we come from,where would we go ,these type of questions must have crossed your mind several a times(for even those who say they are not into these philosophical stuff).As an engineering graduate past life,spirit,soul, many lifetimes all these terms used to look kinda vague to me,but science is just a way to explain the things that are happening and it gives the explanation which our ratinal and logical thinking can digest,but many things do exist in this world which are beyond logic,experiment and rationality, even science is acknowledging this fact by recognising the presence of dark energy , matter and  string  as the most fundamental entity.In this book the writer,a staunch rational thinking supporter,has described the story of his encounter with souls and spirits of other dimensions.The story about a psychiatrist and his young patient whom he was treating for depression it's a fascinating narration of his experiences with past lives,master souls,soul groups and near death experience.Things told in this book have been written by many persons from time to time describing their own experiences .

     One thing which really is thought provoking is that author said that the master soul told him that total 7 spiritual dimensions exists in which soul resides while 4 dimensions are their in which physical body resides, if we add thse two it gives 11 dimensios .Now,a very famous scientific theory, theory of strings says that there are total of 11 dimensions in this world .This book was written based on personal experiences without taking into consideration any scientific theory.When i found this analogy while reading the book it certainly gave me chills that life-death is part of the cycle so next time if you screw up some important thing don't worry you might have done that several times before in your other lifetimes

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