Saturday, February 21, 2009

Modern times(1936)

Little tramp is back with more comedy and satire and it's amazing how really he makes you laugh while making fun of your own condition and situation.this movie is more relevant in modern times(present scenario) than ever,as the movie was made during the great depression depicting the severe problems like large scale unemployment,poverty, harassment of workers and collapse of capitalism in a very comical manner. This charlie's masterpiece is not only about his famous character little tramp doing all sorts of funny things to get a job and to win his girl,but it's also a stingy satire on the human greed which leads these multinational corporations to hog more of the wealth by fair or unfair means and when it collapses it leads to a wave of economic recession,unemployment and lawlessness.
                 The fang of the biggest economic recession after that black decade of 1930's is again sweeping the nations tearing apart means of living and the hopes of people.As i check my college's placement notice board i just think about a scene  in which chaplin sings a very beautiful song,which is one of the very few instances of sound and music in an otherwise silent movie,and the cafe boss comes to know about the real potential of  tramp and gives him the job.I just hope that some company scoops us out from this desperate modern times. 

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