Wednesday, March 25, 2009

forbidden archeology

spirituality is not my cup of tea even though i went to the introductory session of ISKCON's chapter of my college during the  first year but believe me it  was just for the delicious food and unlimited supply of pineapple juice which we used to get after an hour long lecture on mind and consciousness.Since then three years have passed and these things are still haunting me ,be it in the form of books that i have read like the secret,celestine prophecy and the tenth insight or the invited lectures by eminent scientists who are now accepting the vedic knowledge as one of the source or the heavenly knowledge containing explanation to all the mysteries of  the world around us,forcing me to give it a thought.Newest in the series is lecture by Michael A. Cremo whose theory of devolution and the vedic creationism,opposite to the theory of evolution by charles darwin,is making quite a fuss in the scientific community as in the words of Dr. Cremo giving a lecture on anti darwin's theory in the darwin museum was really a gutsy thing to do.unimpeded theory of evolution is so much imbibed in our thinking that we totally reject the point that  java man and australopithacus were the ape species which existed alongside homo sapiens instead of being their precursor.Dr. Cremo has written about all the evidences and his theory in his book forbidden archeology though the theory is not his innovation he is just justifying what already is there in the indian vedic texts like body is made up of not only matter but also the mind and consciousness.
                            that night when i was sitting in my room reflecting i finally gave it a thought what is it that leaves us when we die,what is the basic difference between living and a non living,it's consciousness.I m not a cultist but now i believe that time has come for us,scientists and engineers,to assume consciousness as the basic entity just like any other element.huh,ISKCON's juice is really an enchanted one. 

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  1. dude nice post....full of spirituality and consciousness...