Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Lawrence of arabia(1962)

an often heard cliche goes like 'one man can change the world'.certainly,vibrant,makes your adrenaline flow when said in proper setting but,is it really possible for a fragile human psyche to withstand the pressure of apparently being extraordinary.everyone in their inner mind theatre fantasizes being a hero at some point of time well i am not talking about those dc comics hunks who  can break asteroids with just one punch even after 70 years.as far as real life heroes are concerned  do we ever really give a thought to the price they pay just for some people's happiness. 'Rotten hero' theme is the only thing that makes this movie a no. 1 epic movie of all time.He sets out as a kind man who even confronts sun's anvil to save one human life. He doesn't want to be a hero but pulling off some victories with little bit confidence,luck and manipulative talks for lowly arabs and story blown out of all proportions by western media who want someone to look up to makes him a machine which must meet everyone's expectation.War,violence and torture rips apart his kindness and honesty to its last shred and he starts enjoying killing and bloodshed .He becomes a double edged sword who both british and turks wants to get rid off.but yes he is the real hero as he walks the path less traveled and accomplises what he wants most,freedom for arabs.

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